You will no doubt have questions that you would like asked concerning how this site and the others mentioned on it operate.

Although I cannot be responsible for the ways that other sites conduct themselves, I can certainly explain how I run this site and manage my affiliate links, plus answer every question I get about this site with complete openness and honesty.

And that is what I am going to do with this page right here.


Q. Can you give me a job?

A. No. There are no jobs available at this actual site, they are only available at the sites of others.


Q. What is the point of this site then?

A. The site exists to show you the many places were online writing jobs can be found.


Q. Why do I need your site at all then? Couldn’t I just find jobs without you?

A. Yes. You probably wont though. Most people visiting this site seem to need someone to point them in the right direction and give them a kick to go and apply for all of the jobs out there. Unless someone tells you to go do something, most of you simply wont bother doing anything.


Q. How do you make money then?

A. This site makes money by referring applicants to the jobs of others. That’s it. The only source of income this site generates or needs comes from sending applicants over to the jobs on the other sites linked to from it.

Some of the job sites also have training materials in their members area, hence the reason for requiring members to submit payment to continue as a member of that site as they are providing you with a service – one that I cannot possibly hope to match with this free site!



The FAQS above will help to answer the basics of the questions you no doubt have, but I will expand on the above information a little more here. Primarily I am here to help people find writing jobs. “Real” writing jobs that actually exist and actually pay, more to the point.

Although the actual “writing” part of the job is sometimes not the main part of the position, all of the jobs I seek out and share on this site and elsewhere, like Craigslist and other websites, primarily focus on writing as a key aspect of the job.

However I realise that not everyone wants a freelance work from home job, they miss the company of colleagues and the office environment, so for that reason I also look for writing jobs that are office based or specifically tied to one location or other to better serve my visitors.

If I can possibly help you personally to find a writing job that suits your unique requirements I will do so, in fact I am currently searching for writing jobs for a number of people on an individual level.

Anyway feel free to look around the site using the search boxes provided and see if your dream job has already been shared here previously. You are welcome to use the special search boxes provided for this purpose and visit the external sites these jobs are posted on to start/continue your application from there.

Speaking of external sites, I will cover those next:


I link this site to others with job listings on them that you can apply for from there. Although I have no direct connection with those other sites, I am rewarded financially for providing applicants to those websites if you go on to apply for jobs through them.

That is the income source of this website, which must continue to fund itself in order to continue to help people find writing jobs online that they may not otherwise know about.

That section of text effectively is an affiliate disclaimer, if you will, but you can read my full disclaimers and policies here.

The only website owned and managed by me linked from this site is this one. All other sites linked from this site are the responsibility of other site owners.

Although I do own the affiliate tracking links you use to access the GetJobsWriting.com and PaidSocialMediaWork.com websites, they are simply my affiliate tracking links to the companies themselves and I do not control the actual websites you visit when you click through those links.

You will notice that the website names you visit when clicking through the above links changes slightly – that is how you know that they are my affiliate tracking links.

There are two very important reasons for my use of affiliate tracking links in the above manner:

1. I know who sign up with the websites it question and it can help me to help them directly get the best from the service and reward them for their commitment.

2. The affiliate reward this site earns for your sign up helps the site to grow and benefit others along the way by providing them with the same help you received from this site, plus a whole lot more besides.


Some sites, particularity those accessed by my affiliate tracking links above, will have various charges and fees attached to your use of their site.

These charges are there to provide you with all kinds of training materials in addition to the searchable jobs databases they provide (which are of secondary importance, in my opinion.)

I have no responsibility over the level of the charges they wish to impose or when they start and end their special offers for membership, or to which countries they allow or disallow from entry to their site.

However I do respect their need to have charges in order to provide their very useful writing job training materials, which frankly are far superior to those I can ever provide for free directly from this site.

Perhaps if I was charging for access to anything on this site I would be able to provide such great quality writing job training materials right here, however that is all academic right now.

I hope this information answers the questions most of you will have, however please feel free to submit your questions via my helpdesk at PJSupportDesk.com where I will not only answer them directly there but use the basis of my answer to update this FAQ page further.